GIRLS WHO VENTURE explores and expands our knowledge of women entrepreneurship and the venture capital segment through education, research, knowledge dissemination, and facilitated collaboration, particularly in developing and underdeveloped countries.

According to the World Bank Group, women are significantly underrepresented among the investment decision-makers at private equity and venture capital firms, as well as in the leadership of companies that receive this investment capital. Women held only 10 percent of all senior positions in private equity and venture capital firms globally, and women-led enterprises collected less than 3 percent of global venture capital in 2017.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds


senior investment teams are gender-balanced


higher returns from funds managed by gender-balanced versus male or female-dominated teams

Female partners invested in almost

2x more

female entrepreneurs than male partners



of leadership teams are gender-balanced

Gender Balanced teams have higher valuation increases 

64% vs. 55%


Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital education provide high potential female entrepreneurs with the skills needed to grow their businesses and broadens their networks. Better educating young girls will not only lead to more entrepreneurial endeavors but also better outcomes, specifically high-growth ventures. Educational programs have been successful in attracting more female talent to venture capital.

Specifically, the Girls Who Venture Initiative aims to:

Bring access to Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital education for girls through an accelerated entrepreneurship and venture capital bootcamp and other educational initiatives, particularly in the developing and underdeveloped regions of the world

Expose, Motivate, and Retain more women in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital from developing and underdeveloped countries.

Advance knowledge and discourse by disseminating the results of the research on gender lens entrepreneurship and investing from the program and participating countries.

Create synergies in the ecosystem of policymakers, educators, political economists, and corporations for more informed policymaking, partnerships, knowledge, and skill development through its research findings.


You can help close the gender gap in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Your contribution to Girls Who Venture will help girls explore and pursue entrepreneurship and venture capital to start and invest in businesses. When you invest in Girls Who Venture, together we change the world. 

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